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About Jthomp

Get to the true your so that you can be your BEST self.  This is self-fulfillment for real people.


I’m Jaime Thompson (Jthomp).  I’m a thirty-something mother, wife, high school history teacher, marvel movie enthusiast, amateur abstract painter, sometimes crafty crafter, meme-lover, fanfiction reader and writer, and general all around easy going, fun-loving person.

I like to try new things and tap into my creativity.

I think my kids are hilarious and I love the beach and cats.  I’m starting to love dogs; thanks to my chine-weenie Toni.  My husband, two daughters, and I live right over the Maryland line in South Central Pennsylvania (we are planning to move back to Maryland, very soon).

I’m trying out self-fulfillment, self-development, self-motivation, and self-improvement techniques/ideas/plans to find out what works for regular people.  We’re not trying to change ourselves into something else, we want to be the best self we can be.

Plan your goals and New Year’s resolutions with me.  Plan your life and then live your plan.

Develop your physical and mental well-being so that you can tackle everything life throws at us.

Whether you are young adult, millennial, X-enenial, Gen-Xers or beyond, join me on this path to being the best you, you can be.