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About Jthomp

Welcome to my DIY Life!


I’m Jaime Thompson (Jthomp).  I’m a thirty-something mother, wife, high school history teacher, marvel movie enthusiast, amateur abstract painter, a crafty crafter, meme-lover, fanfiction reader and writer, and general all around easy going, fun-loving person.


I think my kids are hilarious and I love the beach and cats.  I’m starting to love dogs; thanks to my chi-weenie Toni. My husband, two daughters, and I live in Western Maryland.


I like to try new things and tap into my creativity.  This means I like to try all sorts of DIY ventures.

Come along with me as we try out hacks, do DIYs, and anything else that can make our lives easier.   

Join in on this DIY life!  It’s sure to be anything but ordinary!