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Here’s some of my favorite memes that I have seen recently.


I love Joe Biden memes…now add some Bernie Sanders and meme reaches diamond status

Biden vs.Trump Bernie with a chair meme





Just in time for Spring

Godzilla eating marshmallow bunnies



The realization that you’re an adult now.


you're 24 you don't get an Easter basket anymore



When you’re going to do a keto diet…

Cauliflower is a substitute for everything

This is a little old, but still funny


Imperialism meme for my AP World Class


Great Britain meme changing flag


Life as a parent

Mary Poppins voice verses Batman voice meme



What I am watching

I’ve decided to go back and watch criminal Minds from the beginning.  I stopped watching it towards the first half of season 7. I use a lot of episodes in the law and society class that I teach.  I watch to catch up on the seasons that I missed so I decided to start from the beginning and work through all the episodes. The series is on Netflix.  I am skipping episodes that I have seen a lot of because I use them in class, so they are fresh in my mind. Criminal Minds is not for everyone and it definitely has a gore factor at times; but I enjoy the team dynamic that the writers are able to convey on this show.  There has been some character transitions on the newer seasons that I have not seen yet; so I am interested to see how the writers are able to integrate new team members into the group and whether or not I think that they are successful.

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I think that part of the reason I have been getting back into Criminal Minds is because I got hooked on Criminal Minds fanfiction, which I had not looked at before.  I usually read an incredible amount of fanfiction. I really don’t watch television anymore, I mainly read. So lately, I’ve been hooked on Criminal Minds fanfiction.  I love the character of Spencer Reid and it doesn’t hurt that I think that Matthew Gray Gubler is gorgeous. I want to go back and watch some of these episodes that are being referred to that I may have only seen once.


Take me to church sergei Polunin dancing  

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YouTube Video: Sergei Polunin Dancing: Take Me to Church

This has been out for a couple of years; I must have been under a rock or something.  This dancer was on Ellen performing part of this dance. It really is pretty moving and has made me listen to this song more lately and actually download it, which I hadn’t before.

This led me to some other choreographed dances to songs because of those handy suggested videos that YouTube makes.

If you aren’t trigger by a male pair dancing together: YouTube Video: Dance: X-Ambassadors Unsteady

YouTube Video Group Ensemble Dance: Alicia Key Keep Falling


What I am I listening to

I discovered the Struts while randomly listening to the radio.  I heard the last half of the song “One Night Only” on 98 Rock. I don’t usually listen to live radio anymore, but I just happen to be listening at the right time.  I am a really big fan of Queen and I felt like this song had a Queen quality to it. When I got home, I looked this band up on YouTube and was instantly hooked. They are a fairly young British group and have been opening for bands on tour in the US.  As they get more airplay on the radio, I think they might grow their presence in the US more.

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Here are the 3 songs that locked it in for me.  Give them a listen.

One Night Only: YouTube

Put Your Money On Me: YouTube

Royals (Lorde Cover): YouTube


Let us know what you think!!