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Free April Bullet Journal Printables

April Bullet Journal Printables


My April Bullet Journal Spread has taken on the spring feel.  I have been really looking forward to April. I do love snow in the winter; especially snow days.  But, when March rolls around and there is no snow in sight; I’m definitely ready for spring time. My kids play Spring soccer and I do not like sitting in the cold for games and practices when we are supposed to be playing “spring” soccer.  So April has been much awaited for me. I really like hearing the birds as they come back and getting that fresh smell of the plants and trees getting ready to bloom and get back to their green selves.

Free April Bullet Journal Printables

Monthly Cover Page and Calendar

I start my April Planner layout with a flower filled cover page and calendar.  I’ve added a cute little butterfly to go with the flowers even though they may not start to make their appearance until the end of the month.

April cover and calendar graphic


On my printables page you can get a dated calendar for this month or a blank calendar that you can use to fill in your own numbered dates. All of my printables mentioned here are FREE and can be found on my passworded printables page.  To get the link and password simply sign up to join the printables email list. I’ll send you the page link and the password for access. From there you can download all of my printables; including my free bullet journal printables. I’ll send you alerts when new printables are added to the page.  


Monthly Overview

My monthly overview printable includes a section for monthly goals and projects, monthly thoughts and inspiration, and notes.  This works as my brain dump for the month. I can migrate projects and notes into the appropriate weekly spread if need be or include them on a master list of projects if they warrant it.  


Productivity Tracker

A lot people track their moods in their bullet journal or planner.  I, however, like to track my productivity. My April productivity tracker features lily-like flowers.  My color key for productivity features warm colors this month. I categorize my productivity as no, little, average, high and super high.  I tried to make sure that my colors are distinctive enough from each other this month; because I used a shamrock tracker for March and had some issues with just using different shades of green.  I was hard to tell the different shades I chose apart. This productivity tracker is available on my printables page, as well as other themed and plain productivity trackers/ mood trackers. The key area is blank so that you can use your own terms for how you want to track things.  

coloring book flowers

Weekly Spreads

For my bullet journal weekly spreads for April, I’m using my weekly spread that includes a to-do list, daily blank area, and a weekly overview.  This is listed as Weekly Spread Type 3 on my Printables Page.  My journal is approximately a half-page planner, so I’m using the 2 half-pages spread. This sheet is formatted as a landscape oriented 8.5 x 11 sheet with a half page division.  It’s really easy to cut the page in half and paste it onto my two page spread for the week. You could also easily use this layout for a full size planner or choose the full page weekly planner printable that is available.  This pages are really easy to print to scale by reducing the printed size from the printer properties window. I print a full size sheet at 68% for a half page sized planner. You can experiment to get the perfect percentage for your unique bullet journal or planner.  I chose to print the pink outlined version to keep with the warm color trend for this month.

bullet journal weekly spread

I include all the planner weekly spreads needed for the month when I set up the new month in my bullet journal.  I like to do this so that I can input all the important dates onto the weekly spreads at the beginning of the month at once.  If I need to add any pages or printables for the month later, I include them after the weekly spreads.


free planner printables graphic

All of the free planner printables that I mention as well as my other free bullet journal printables are available on my printable page.  Remember: to get the link and password simply sign up to join the printables email list. I’ll send you the page link and the password for access.  From there you can download all of my printables; including my free bullet journal printables. I’ll send you alerts when new printables are added to the page.




free bullet journal printables graphic

Easy Bullet Journal for Beginners With Bullet Journal Printables


Bullet Journaling can be intimidating if you are a beginner or are not artistic.  If you look at Bullet Journaling on Pinterest, YouTube or through Google searching; you can find journalers who are highly artistic and creative and create elaborate spreads in their notebooks.  I’m here to tell you that you can have a functional bullet journal that looks great without drawing out elaborate spreads with extensive doodling. My Free Bullet Journal Printables make starting a maintaining a useful DIY planner easier than ever.  At the end of this post, I’ll tell you how to get ALL of my Bullet journal/planner printables for FREE.


free bullet journal printables graphic


What is a Bullet Journal?

If you have never heard of a bullet journal or don’t know exactly what it is; I recommend you check out this introduction by Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal.  You will see that the original bullet journal is a very simplistic way of organizing your time and tasks.  

What I like most about my bullet journal is using the idea of collections.  This is a great way to curate on-going lists that I like to maintain. Using a table of contents or index is an easy way to find those collections in your bullet journal easily.  I love how I can customize my planner to fit my own needs and always have a place for my lists, collections of information, and the planner itself for my time and tasks. I like to keep a running list of books I want to look into or movies and tv shows that people recommend.  I also keep a list of things on my wish list to buy and gift ideas for other people.

I watched a lot of YouTube videos about bullet journaling and was inspired by this way to create a customized planner for myself.  But, I also found myself intimidated by the intricacies of the layouts that people created. I tried these types of layouts to a smaller degree at first.  But, then I discovered how easy it was to use and create printables to customize my bullet journal for what I wanted to use it for. This is a simple way to have a great bullet journal weekly spread without devoting a lot of time to creating something from scratch each week.

In this post I am going to present to you a bullet journal setup complete with bullet journal printables that you can use to make your beginner experience better or to give you easy-to-use bullet journal layouts that you can use.


Getting Started

First off, you do not need an expensive journal or notebook to use.  You can get a dotted journal that is described on the Ryder Carroll site, but if you are going to use printables, that type of journal is not necessarily required.  I think the most important thing for you to consider is the size of the pages, themselves. Some people like a larger size page compared to some of the smaller ones available.  I like to use one that is around 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches (half-letter), since I like to carry it in my purse so that I always have it with me. I also like a type of notebook that has some sort of closure to it.  My current bullet journal has a snap closure to it; but my previous journals at elastic straps that kept the book closed. I also like bullet journals that have an envelope in the back. My current book did not, so I took envelope out of my previous journal and pasted into the back of my current one.  You can invest a lot of money into a planner or dotted journal to use but it is not something you have to do. I seek out a notebook that I like aesthetically and functionally.


bullet journal planner with clasp

Bullet journal envelope


In additional to the bullet journal itself; you can invest in pens, markers, stickers, and decorative washi tape.  None of this is required if you simply want a functional planner or bullet journal. I like colorful writing so I use a affordable set of Crayola markers and Papermate pens that I like to write with on a day-to-day basis.

Bullet Journal Printables To The Rescue

To save time and effort, I started using printables to make my organizer more tailored to my needs without requiring redrawing my weekly spread or habit tracker, etc.  Since I was including the same type of things in my bullet journal weekly spread; it made sense for me to create a printable that I could easily paste into my notebook when I was doing my bullet journal set up for each week or month at a time.

A great resource that I love using for my bullet journal is Calendarpedia.  This site has a ton of printable calendars that use can use.


Bullet Journal Future Log

For my future log, I use this calendar. I have a color printer that I use to print my calendars out, but they have black and white versions that you can use as well.  My current bullet journal starts in October of 2018, so you can see how I pasted my future log calendar into my notebook. I use highlighters to mark dates that school is out (because I’m a teacher) and then my kids’ days off are marked differently.  In the margin I mark important dates and appointments; when I prep the bullet journal spread for my new month; input my important dates from my future log.

bullet journal future log


For the beginning of the month, I use a printable monthly calendar for Calendarpedia as well.  I paste this on the left side of a two page spread and then include a monthly goal and note sheet across from it.  I consult my future log for important dates for the month and insert them onto the monthly spread calendar.  


I have started to make my own monthly covers and calendars.  You can find them on my printables page, as well as all my free bullet journal printables.

April cover and calendar graphic

You can have my Bullet Journal Printables for FREE!

All of the free planner printables that I mention as well as my other free bullet journal printables are available on my printable page.  To get the link and password simply sign up to join the printables email list. I’ll send you the page link and the password for access.  From there you can download all of my printables; including my free bullet journal printables. I’ll send you alerts when new printables are added to the page.


Bullet Journal Spreads

Next, I set up my weekly spreads for the month.  The way that I am organizing my planner right now, I’m setting up the month’s worth of bullet journal weekly spreads at once.  Previously, I would set up a bullet journal weekly spread on the Sunday before the new week. (I use Monday as the starting day of my week).  

bullet journal weekly spreadbullet journal printable weekly spread

Bullet journal habit tracker

Another thing that I felt was tedious to continue drawing out was my bullet journal habit tracker.  This was actually the first bullet journal printable that I created. If you are not familiar with a habit tracker; this is an organizational tool to help you keep track of habits that you want to develop.  This picture shows an example of a habit tracker that I drew out when I first start bullet journaling. There were habits that I was really good at accomplishing each day, but others I was not so good at implementing.  People also use similar kinds of tools to track amount of sleep or their mood each day.

bullet journal habit tracker hand drawn

The printables are created as 8.5 x 11 pages.  For the ones that are not the size you want for your specific bullet journal; you can print these to scale for the size you need.  My current bullet journal is a half letter size; I print my full page (8.5×11) printables at 67 or 68%. An executive size would be printed at about 85% percent.  I simply trim off the edges and glue them into my book using a regular glue stick. It’s really easy to embellish the bullet journal printables with different colors of text or adding in clip art that is printed out or stickers.  This will help you get an more creative look to your bullet journal without needing a lot of artistic talent.

Do you use a bullet journal?  What is your favorite way to plan and keep track of your time and important notes?  Drop a comment and let us know.

Check out how I’ve used my bullet journal to keep up with my New Years’ Resolutions.

Also check out my April Bullet Journal Printables which are great for Spring

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Remember:  You can have my Bullet Journal Printables for FREE!

All of the free planner printables that I mention as well as my other free bullet journal printables are available on my printable page.  To get the link and password simply sign up to join the printables email list. I’ll send you the page link and the password for access.  From there you can download all of my printables; including my free bullet journal printables. I’ll send you alerts when new printables are added to the page.



Make New Year's Resolutions Happen

Or How to Stop Breaking Your New Year’s Resolutions.

Or Why Making New Year’s “Resolutions” are a Bad Idea.

Or I Really Want to Actually Accomplish my New Year’s Resolution.  


Whew….that was a mouthful.


I feel like New Year’s resolutions are almost made to be broken. We make some kind of goal, it may not be a lofty goal, but we make this goal and don’t really make any plans for how it’s going to be accomplished.


Make New Year's Resolutions Happen

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution we should be making New Year’s plans. I had a manager when I worked at Lowe’s in college who always said “plan your work and work your plan.” That’s a well-known saying; it’s often attributed to many different people but, I think it’s a saying that is worth following. If you make a new year’s goal and plan out the steps that you’re going to take to accomplish it then the likelihood of you actually following through on this resolution is greater.

Now why am I talking about New Year’s resolutions when it’s March? Well, because it’s March. It’s not too late to get started on these plans for the New Year. I always have the problem that time gets away from me. Before I know it it’s the end of the day, it’s the end of the weekend, it’s the end of the month, before you know it it’s the end of the year and those great goals I had for the new year will become great goals for the next new year because I haven’t accomplished anything.  

calendar for future plans

My Future Log from my Bullet Journal

I started 2018 with the idea that I would plan my new year and work my plan.

The first thing I did was make a list of all kinds of things that I wanted to accomplish.  

This included:

  • the resolutions from 2017 that I never actually got around to doing  
  • what are things that I want to try for this year
  • what are ambitions I just generally have for my life
  • what kind of habits to I want to start or newer habits that I am still working on keeping

Next I started categorizing this list.

Here are my categories:

  • Small/Quick Goals
  • This is where I listed the habits that I wanted to starter or newer ones that still needed work
  • Mid-size goals for 2018
  • Long Term goals to start in 2018 (will not complete in 2018)
  • Long term goals/Ambitions to set a future date for beginning



What I want the focus to be right now is not just goal setting but goal PLANNING.  I feel like we sometimes do a lot of goal setting but we don’t necessarily do the planning that it takes in order to accomplish these goals.

I’m going to take you through my goal planning process for some of my 2018 goals in my New Year’s Plan.  These are not resolutions….they are plans. I can follow a plan. I can follow steps to complete a task. I know that you can too.  

Now I haven’t been perfect in this.  In fact some of my plans I haven’t even started and March is already underway.  So there is no better time than right now to get back into the groove and make those New Year’s resolutions into actual plans that you can make happen!


Small Goals/Habits

  • Continue keeping a bullet journal/make sure to keep it updated

Reason for the goal

  • The bullet journal helps me to stay organize and keep track of a lot of information in a format that works best for me.
Example of a bullet journal spread

An Example of a Bullet Journal Spread

Steps for Fulfilling this Plan

  1. Get new journal for 2018
  2. Set up new bullet journal before new year begins (transfer lists/collections that need to be moved, set up future log and January
  3. Schedule specific time on Sunday to set up new week in bullet journal.  
  4. Carry bullet journal with me daily to be sure to have it on hand when needed


Mid-Size Goal

Usually I say I want to lose weight as a New Year’s resolution.  However, that is a very vague goal to plan. So this year my New Year’s plan is to drop 1 size by the end of June and drop another 1 size by the end of the year.

Long Term Goal (beyond 2018)  

  • Get to a size 12.  Drop 1 size by the end of June and drop another 1 size by the end of the year.

Reason for the goal

  • I’m out of shape and my clothes do not fit well.  I do not want to buy bigger clothes. I’m almost at my heaviest and I don’t like how I feel.  

Steps to fulfill this plan


  • Explore diet options
  • Tried keto again; had good results before
  • Stop drinking regular soda

Plan Update

  • Did keto for 2 weeks; not really what we want in a diet
  • Exploring other options, looking into weight-watcher or just eating less processed foods, more balanced approach.  Look into Volumetrics


  • Start walking for fitness, in the morning
  • Look into other exercise options (turbo fire and PiYo again?)

Plan Update

  • Discover Kangoo Jumps and workout classes on YouTube.
  • Got Kangoo Jump shoes on Facebook Marketplace
  • Start working with shoes
  • Need to work into a regular routine of usage
  • Continue walking also
Jthomp wearing Kangoo Jumps shoes

Check out my Kangoo Jumps

Long Term Goal

  • Get a PhD in Human Sexuality from Widener University

Reason for goal  

  • I’ve wanted to earn a PhD as a life goal.  The Human Sexuality program interests me. This is for personal fulfillment

Date to start set

  • Seek admission for Fall 2019

Steps to fulfill plan

  • Look up application deadline
  • Examine admission requirements
  • Start application process in January 2019



  • Write a Young Adult genre novel

Reason for goal 

I have a story that I think would make a good novel.  I like to write fiction. I think it would be cool to write a novel.  This would be for personal fulfillment.


January 2019


So that was an idea of what some of my new year’s plans look like in my new goal planning state of mind.

The key is to reexamine and update your plan.  In my bullet journal I keep track of what I have done/or will do during the week to work towards my plan.  [If you are wondering about the bullet journal that I keep referring to; I plan to go over my system of use in 2 weeks.  You should first examine the website of the originator of the bullet journal, Ryder Carroll www.bulletjournal.com ]


You still have ¾ of the year left to make good on those resolutions that you have turned into plans.  


Do you still make resolutions?  What resolutions have you accomplished?  Tell us about how you felt when you met the goal.  Do you have a plan to met this year’s goal? Leave a comment and let us know!