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Easy Vodka Christmas Cocktails

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I like to have cocktails at home but I don’t like spend a lot of time making them.   I want something quick and easy to put together but that still has a great flavor. My preferred alcohol is vodka and I really like exploring the new flavors and infusions that you can find. My family just moved and we wanted to welcome our friends and family to our new home with a Drop-In style Christmas party. My husband wanted to offer some Christmas cocktails to our guests. This led me to create this list of easy vodka Christmas cocktails that you can enjoy by yourself or with a group of your family or friends. I personally use Smirnoff brand infused and flavored vodkas so the flavors that I am listing are all ones you can find by Smirnoff but you can find other brands with similar flavors as well. For all of the cocktails listed you will not need any special tools or equipment.


Easy vodka Christmas cocktails

Spiked Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate. I do not like coffee so hot chocolate is my go-to warm winter drink. Here I have some selections of spiked hot chocolate ideas that will definitely take the chill off a cold winter evening.

Mix up your favorite hot chocolate 4 to 8 oz depending on how strong you want your drink.

Add 1.5 oz of one of the following:

Whipped Cream flavored vodka

Caramel flavored vodka

Peppermint infused vodka

Marshmallow flavored vodka

vodka spiked hot chocolate

Vodka Spiked Hot Chocolate


I love Almond Joy candy bars so this hot chocolate idea is inspired by this tasty candy treat.

Almond Joy Inspired Spiked Hot Chocolate

2oz coconut flavored vodka

1oz amaretto

4 to 8 oz of hot chocolate

Top with Whipped Cream


I always see a huge selection of flavored vodkas and Infused vodkas and I’m always wondering what  would pair well with these flavors. Hopefully some of these listings will give you some ideas for easy vodka Christmas cocktails if you are not well versed in cocktail-making.

A good friend of mine freezes cranberries during the holiday season and uses them as ice cubes in cocktails and other beverages.  I think that is a great idea for use in a Cape Cod or a Baybreeze.


Cape Cod

1 part vodka (use regular or cranberry infused)

1 to 4 parts cranberry juice to taste

*For an extra twist add a splash of sprite

*For something different use pomegranate infused vodka



1 part vodka

1 to 2 parts cranberry juice

Equal parts pineapple juice to cranberry

*For an extra twist add a splash of sprite


I went through a phase where I was all about Sprite and Vodka.  I think some of these ideas will make for easy vodka Christmas cocktails.  

Around the holidays Sprite puts out a Cranberry Sprite, this would pair great with either a regular vodka, a cranberry vodka, or a pomegranate vodka.

Keeping with the Sprite theme try this one out:

2 oz cherry  vodka

1 oz amaretto

4 to 8 oz of Cherry Sprite (or regular Sprite)


Warm or Cold Apple Cider

Add 1.5 oz of caramel flavored vodka


Root Beer

Add 1.5 oz of vanilla infused vodka, or whipped cream vodka.  Smirnoff makes a root beer float vodka, but my local store doesn’t carry it, if you can find it, it might be tasty.  Make it a real root beer float by adding a scoop of ice cream.


If you have no experience making cocktails but want some  easy vodka Christmas cocktails give these ideas a try and you’re sure to enjoy it delicious drink.


Do you have a great low prep cocktail that you like to enjoy during the holiday season?   Do you have a favorite flavored or infused vodka or have you not tried any of them? Drop a comment and let us know!   

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Easy vodka Christmas cocktails

7 thoughts on “Easy Vodka Christmas Cocktails”

  1. That Cape Cod drink has my name written all over it. YUM!

  2. Jen Seislove says:

    Yes! I love mixing up fun and festive drinks! I want to try the Rootbeer one!

  3. Yum these all sound delicious!

  4. ThisIsJthomp says:

    That is my go to drink. I love it with cranberry-pomegranate juice.

  5. ThisIsJthomp says:

    The root beer drinks end up being pretty smooth.

  6. ThisIsJthomp says:

    They really are!

  7. My husband would love these, especially the hot chocolate! Great list!

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