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My Crush Rejected Me: How to Get Over an Unrequited Crush

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My Crush Rejected Me: How to Get Over an Unrequited Crush

Most if not all of us have had crushes.  Some of them when we were growing up; some of them now.  Even if we are happily with someone right now, we may have peers or teenage friends and relatives who may be in the midst of a crush.  So what do we do or what advice can we offer to help someone get over that unrequited crush because It can feel devastating. This post is dedicated to some special people I come in contact with daily in my career as a high school history teacher.  You’ve asked for a post about getting over a crush and I am finally delivering.

How to get over an unrequited crush


I had so many crushes when I was in high school.  I had so many my best friend and I assigned them numbers so we could refer to them covertly.  All of these crushes were unrequited. I didn’t meet my husband until I was in college and we were working at the same place.  I had actually just gotten dumped when I first started talking to him.  We always joke that he was my rebound boyfriend.  We’ve been together for 19 years.  Some of these boys that I had crushed on I never even talked to.  One was a definite bad boy that I never talked to at all. But alas…getting over a crush; how do you do it.  Sometimes, its actual time to helps you get over them. You change, they change, you find someone different, you move on naturally.


But sometimes you get hung up.  And you actually put yourself out there.  And then you might be rejected by your crush.


What can you do if you get rejected by your crush.



If you actually get rejected by your crush, understand that it’s okay to cry about it.  Even if this crush was one that impossible; if it was someone that was bad for you; if it was someone who you rarely interacted with…its okay to be hurt and cry about it.  Listen to sad music and let your feelings flow. Sometimes a good cry is very cathartic.


It's okay to cry about being rejected

It’s okay to cry about being rejected


Network of Friends

Use your network of friends; your in-person friends or your online friends.  Commiserate with them, let them help you carry your hurt or disappointment of that unrequited crush.  But also immerse yourself in their friendship. Do things that you enjoy with them. Tell them that you need a distraction.  Enjoy spending time with them. Don’t shut yourself off from your network.



Distance helps.  Make new friends in different circles.  If you are intentionally putting yourself in situations so that you can interact with your unrequited crush…stop.  Especially if it’s not a situation that normally comes up. It looks obvious or odd from the other perspective. Try new activities.  Do things you enjoy. Don’t intentionally seek out the crush that has rejected you.

friendship builds you up

Build yourself up through your friendship network


Build Yourself Up

Daily affirmations can be very helpful.  Start your morning with them. Spend some quiet time reflecting on yourself and what are the best things about you.  You can google daily affirmations and get great lists. Search for daily affirmations for ____ and fill in the blank (for women, for teens, for success, for students, for moms, etc.).   It’s important that you do not let getting rejected by your crush make you afraid of putting yourself out there again. Rejection from a crush could happen for many different reasons and it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you.  You are a worthy person. If you notice that the rejection is weighing on your heavily and you seem not to be able to shake the hurt, then you should talk to someone about it.


Music for Strength and Power

Listen to music for strength and power.  NOT the wallowing, heartbreak music…that’s for the crying stage.   This is the music for you, because you are amazing, you are strong, and there are better things ahead for you.  Check out my songs for strength and power playlist here.


Remember you are not alone

Understand that crushes are okay to have.  They don’t have to mean anything. They can be secret, they can be fun.  Just don’t let crushes interfere in real relationships that you can form, grow, and develop.   

Remember you are not alone in this.  We have all faced rejection and there are legions of us that have made it to the other side.  You will get through this.

Infographic how to get through being rejected by your crush


What tips do have to offer someone to get over that crush or for those going through rejection?  Drop a comment and let us know!



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