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Great Free Trials

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Great Free Trials

One of the tricky things with free trials is remembering to cancel them if you do not want to keep them.  What I have discovered is that you can set an alarm on your phone to go off to remind you to cancel the trial.  When you sign up for the free trial you will get the date when the trial will expire and you will be charged.  Create an alarm through the clock feature on your phone for the day before the date the trial expires and for a time when you will be able to pause and cancel your free trial if you want to.  With my android phone, I can name the alarm, so I can title it “Cancel amazon music trial.”  This way I’ll actually remember why the alarm is randomly going off.  If you use outlook or google calendar you can set a reminder up through those apps also.

Here are some free trials that are available.  (Some of these are affiliate links and I may earn a commission for free trials started)


$10 off your first Walmart Grocery Pick-Up Order



Netflix Free Month

Directv Now Streaming Service 1 week free

Sling TV 7 days free

Apple Music


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