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Hidden Christmas Music Treasures

Here is my list of Awesome Hidden Christmas Music Treasures.  Did you know these existed?  Some of them are more known than others.  But, this is a collection of some unique or little known Christmas songs.  Now, some of these finds are traditional Christmas songs, but the version or the people singing is what makes them a hidden Christmas music treasure. 

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Hidden Christmas Music Treasures

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Hidden Christmas Music Treasures

1. Christmas Has Come, Raskasta Joulua

The is the English version of a more traditional Finnish Christmas song.  The lyrics of the song are very rooted in the reason for Christmas

This particular group is composed a singers from rock groups in Finland.  I first heard the Finnish version of this song on YouTube after clicking through some video of songs from some Finnish rock groups.  I’m really into music from Finland right now. A lot of bands record in English, but this super group has a Christmas Album in Finnish and then an English version as well.  

Here’s link to the YouTube Video of the original version from this group in Finnish but I love hearing it and actually seeing the singers here.  (I did find a lyric view that was a traditional version with kids singing it, so that I could learn to sing it in Finnish too, so I do belt it out in the car on the way to work, lol)

Tulkoon Joulu

Here’s the English Version  (Very worthy of car singing as well) Christmas Has Come



2. Run, Rudolph, Run: Lemmy Kilmister, Dave Grohl, Billy Gibson

This is the Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead.  Don’t let that dissuade you, this version of Run Rudolph Run has a great rock-n-roll feel to it.  (please note: at the very end of the song, Lemmy says, Merry Christmas, m’f’er; just so you know)    

Run, Rudolph, Run

3. Oh Come All Ye Faithful: Twisted Sister

Yes, the Twisted Sister from the 80s; We’re not going to take it.  Twister Sister came out with a Christmas album; and they did some Christmas touring off the album.   

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Bonus:  Check out this stripped down version of “We’re Not Gonna Take It”.  Very moving  We’re Not Gonna Take It


4. Blue Christmas: Tom Keifer

Tom Keifer is the lead singer of the 80s band Cinderella.  This song has a nice bluesy feel to it and Tom’s voice is a smoother alternative to our usual Elvis version.

Blue Christmas


5. Thank God It’s Christmas: Queen

Queen is my all time favorite band and the lyrics of the song are excellent.  

Thank God It’s Christmas

6. Do You Hear What I Hear: Linda Eder

This is a powerful version of this song.  It changes your whole view of this traditional song when you hear the power behind these voices.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three King: Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan

This one is a bit more mainstream but there are still some that haven’t heard this version.  It comes from the Barenaked Ladies Christmas Album

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

8. 12 Days of Christmas: Straight No Chaser

This is so fun and definitely not your usual 12 Days of Christmas.  Make sure you listen to the end.

12 Days of Christmas

9. Angels from the Realms of Glory: Annie Lennox

I love Annie Lennox’s voice.  She has a entire Christmas album.  This song she did live for Christmas in Washington in 2010.

Live version:  Angels from the Realms of Glory Live

Studio Version: Angels from the Realms of Glory Studio Version

10.  River: Robert Downey, Jr

These two songs come from the TV series Ally McBeal. They had a Christmas album for this show and RDJ was featured on it, as he was a cast member.  I knew that RDJ had an album out of his own and on a whim searched for “Robert Downey, Jr Christmas songs” and I found these treasures.


11. White Christmas: Vonda Shepard and Robert Downey, Jr.

White Christmas


Links to Hidden Christmas Music Treasures Playlists

Here’s a link to my playlist on Amazon Music.  Unfortunately, the Robert Downey, Jr. songs are not on Amazon.  The Annie Lennox song is not live, but it is still excellent.

Hidden Christmas Music Treasures Amazon Music Playlist


If you use Apple Music, here is a link to this playlist on Apple Music. The Robert Downey, Jr songs are on Apple music.  The Annie Lennox song is not live, but it is still excellent. 

Hidden Christmas Music Treasures Apple Music Playlist

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Have you heard any of the these versions before?  Will you be adding them to your Christmas playlist?  What are your favorite Hidden Christmas Music Treasures?  Drop a comment below and let us know!

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Hidden Christmas Music Treasures

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