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How To Turn an Inside Joke into a Great Gift for a Good Friend

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Does a picture of a beaker with 2 fluids labeled hexane and water make anybody out there laugh?  I know one person that laughs. So when my friend scanned a mystery QR Code and that picture popped up it caused immense laughter; because of the inside joke that it relates to.  I turned a lot of inside jokes into the perfect gift.


So how did I turn several inside jokes into a great gift for my best friend?

It all started leading up to Christmas.  I was looking online around Christmas for ideas for low-cost/no-cost gift ideas for others and I ended up creating this idea for my best friend based on a list I saw (I’ll link that list at the bottom of this post).  This idea was going to be perfect.

The final product was 20 envelopes that each had 2 QR codes in them.  These QR codes corresponded to links online for memes, pictures, funny videos, and songs.  A lot of these represented inside jokes between us. The songs reflected things that we liked, were popular, or that we thought were funny when we were in college.  There were a lot of memes that were about friendship and YouTube videos I thought she would like.

This was fun for me to create and it has been fun for my friend to discover what has been included.  She sends me a text of something that made her crack up or that she thought was sweet or “so true” and we get more laughs out of it.  She’s opens them at her own pace and the fun has lasted well past Christmas.

This would be great for a birthday, anniversary or as a “pick me up”.

Steps I took to create this gift 

Step 1

Finding your online treasures.  You will need links to create your QR codes.  This is pretty easy for YouTube videos. You will just need to copy the link for sharing.  For images that I found on a Google search, I right clicked on the image, and selected “copy image address”.  This makes sure that the QR code links back to the original image destination and retains appropriate credit for the site/creator/poster of the image.  

screenshot how to link a meme

Step 2

Creating the QR codes.  This is actually pretty easy to do.  I use The QRCode Generator   You have options of what you are creating the QR code for.  Make sure you select URL at the top. Once you enter the link, the QR code will generate on the right.  Just make sure that you save it so that you can print it out later. The generator will also let you input text that can be recalled with the QR code.  Please note: your gift recipient will need to download a QR reader onto their device if they do not have one already. They can be found for free in the app store for the device.

screen shot of qr code generator 

Step 3

Printing your QR codes.  Once you have all of your codes saved, you can loaded them into a word processing document and print them out.  I used Word for this but you can use whatever you like to you the most. I used the “insert picture from file” option and highlighted all the QR code files at once.  Word pasted them all in the one document, one-right-after the other. I then just printed this document out.

Step 4

Cut out your QR codes and place them into envelopes.  I put 2 to 3 in each envelope with a total of 20 envelopes. It’s up to you how many you want to create, make, put into an envelope, etc.  You can use regular white envelopes or colored ones; leave them plain or decorated. It’s up to you.

Step 5

Presentation.  How will you display the envelopes for giving?  I found some colored jumbo craft sticks that had a little adhesive square on the end at a craft store.  I adhered one envelope to each craft stick. Next, I filled a deep glass decorative dish (you can find some at the dollar store) and filled it with colorful gravel.  I stuck the craft sticks in the bowl to create an almost bouquet-like presentation.

colored craft sticks



Minimal.  The main money cost is in the presentation method.  The biggest investment was time.  It took me a while to find all of my visual treasures that I wanted to include.  However, it was time spend having because I spent it reliving old memories, laughing to myself, and picturing what my friend would do when she saw these things.


Practicality fails  

I didn’t pick a deep enough dish so the sticks would not stay upright very well.  My dish was also not big enough length and width size for the amount I wanted to use.  I could have used smaller envelopes and smaller sticks for better results.


Other presentation ideas

You could skip the envelopes all together and adhere the codes themselves to the sticks.

You could create a poster of the envelopes.  

I thought about arranging them in a wreath like formation; maybe hot gluing painted/colored clothespins onto a circular form and clipping the envelopes with the clothespins.  


Here is the original blog post I was looking at the helped inspire this idea:  Click Here

There are a lot of great ideas in that post as well.


Let me know what you think and if you try this idea.  Share a picture of your presentation method that you use.

What is something you have given to your good friend that is low-cost but has that special personal touch to it?

Leave a comment to let us know.

5 thoughts on “How To Turn an Inside Joke into a Great Gift for a Good Friend”

  1. Deidra says:

    Best gift ever!!!!
    Thanks friend!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I love this idea! I think thoughtful gifts like this always create even more memories, and are much better than gift cards or other gifts! Going to think of ways I can do something like this for my husband. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jordan says:

    Such a cute idea!! Love it 🙂

  4. Lauren Becker says:

    Creative, DIY gifts are sometimes the best – even if they didn’t cost much. I really love this idea. I could see a few of my friends really loving something like this.


  5. katcharlesblog says:

    Intentional gifts are the best. Great ideas!

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