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It’s Not Too Late to Actually Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution

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Or How to Stop Breaking Your New Year’s Resolutions.

Or Why Making New Year’s “Resolutions” are a Bad Idea.

Or I Really Want to Actually Accomplish my New Year’s Resolution.  


Whew….that was a mouthful.


I feel like New Year’s resolutions are almost made to be broken. We make some kind of goal, it may not be a lofty goal, but we make this goal and don’t really make any plans for how it’s going to be accomplished.


Make New Year's Resolutions Happen

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution we should be making New Year’s plans. I had a manager when I worked at Lowe’s in college who always said “plan your work and work your plan.” That’s a well-known saying; it’s often attributed to many different people but, I think it’s a saying that is worth following. If you make a new year’s goal and plan out the steps that you’re going to take to accomplish it then the likelihood of you actually following through on this resolution is greater.

Now why am I talking about New Year’s resolutions when it’s March? Well, because it’s March. It’s not too late to get started on these plans for the New Year. I always have the problem that time gets away from me. Before I know it it’s the end of the day, it’s the end of the weekend, it’s the end of the month, before you know it it’s the end of the year and those great goals I had for the new year will become great goals for the next new year because I haven’t accomplished anything.  

calendar for future plans

My Future Log from my Bullet Journal

I started 2018 with the idea that I would plan my new year and work my plan.

The first thing I did was make a list of all kinds of things that I wanted to accomplish.  

This included:

  • the resolutions from 2017 that I never actually got around to doing  
  • what are things that I want to try for this year
  • what are ambitions I just generally have for my life
  • what kind of habits to I want to start or newer habits that I am still working on keeping

Next I started categorizing this list.

Here are my categories:

  • Small/Quick Goals
  • This is where I listed the habits that I wanted to starter or newer ones that still needed work
  • Mid-size goals for 2018
  • Long Term goals to start in 2018 (will not complete in 2018)
  • Long term goals/Ambitions to set a future date for beginning



What I want the focus to be right now is not just goal setting but goal PLANNING.  I feel like we sometimes do a lot of goal setting but we don’t necessarily do the planning that it takes in order to accomplish these goals.

I’m going to take you through my goal planning process for some of my 2018 goals in my New Year’s Plan.  These are not resolutions….they are plans. I can follow a plan. I can follow steps to complete a task. I know that you can too.  

Now I haven’t been perfect in this.  In fact some of my plans I haven’t even started and March is already underway.  So there is no better time than right now to get back into the groove and make those New Year’s resolutions into actual plans that you can make happen!


Small Goals/Habits

  • Continue keeping a bullet journal/make sure to keep it updated

Reason for the goal

  • The bullet journal helps me to stay organize and keep track of a lot of information in a format that works best for me.
Example of a bullet journal spread

An Example of a Bullet Journal Spread

Steps for Fulfilling this Plan

  1. Get new journal for 2018
  2. Set up new bullet journal before new year begins (transfer lists/collections that need to be moved, set up future log and January
  3. Schedule specific time on Sunday to set up new week in bullet journal.  
  4. Carry bullet journal with me daily to be sure to have it on hand when needed


Mid-Size Goal

Usually I say I want to lose weight as a New Year’s resolution.  However, that is a very vague goal to plan. So this year my New Year’s plan is to drop 1 size by the end of June and drop another 1 size by the end of the year.

Long Term Goal (beyond 2018)  

  • Get to a size 12.  Drop 1 size by the end of June and drop another 1 size by the end of the year.

Reason for the goal

  • I’m out of shape and my clothes do not fit well.  I do not want to buy bigger clothes. I’m almost at my heaviest and I don’t like how I feel.  

Steps to fulfill this plan


  • Explore diet options
  • Tried keto again; had good results before
  • Stop drinking regular soda

Plan Update

  • Did keto for 2 weeks; not really what we want in a diet
  • Exploring other options, looking into weight-watcher or just eating less processed foods, more balanced approach.  Look into Volumetrics


  • Start walking for fitness, in the morning
  • Look into other exercise options (turbo fire and PiYo again?)

Plan Update

  • Discover Kangoo Jumps and workout classes on YouTube.
  • Got Kangoo Jump shoes on Facebook Marketplace
  • Start working with shoes
  • Need to work into a regular routine of usage
  • Continue walking also
Jthomp wearing Kangoo Jumps shoes

Check out my Kangoo Jumps

Long Term Goal

  • Get a PhD in Human Sexuality from Widener University

Reason for goal  

  • I’ve wanted to earn a PhD as a life goal.  The Human Sexuality program interests me. This is for personal fulfillment

Date to start set

  • Seek admission for Fall 2019

Steps to fulfill plan

  • Look up application deadline
  • Examine admission requirements
  • Start application process in January 2019



  • Write a Young Adult genre novel

Reason for goal 

I have a story that I think would make a good novel.  I like to write fiction. I think it would be cool to write a novel.  This would be for personal fulfillment.


January 2019


So that was an idea of what some of my new year’s plans look like in my new goal planning state of mind.

The key is to reexamine and update your plan.  In my bullet journal I keep track of what I have done/or will do during the week to work towards my plan.  [If you are wondering about the bullet journal that I keep referring to; I plan to go over my system of use in 2 weeks.  You should first examine the website of the originator of the bullet journal, Ryder Carroll ]


You still have ¾ of the year left to make good on those resolutions that you have turned into plans.  


Do you still make resolutions?  What resolutions have you accomplished?  Tell us about how you felt when you met the goal.  Do you have a plan to met this year’s goal? Leave a comment and let us know!

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Too Late to Actually Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Amanda Pruiett says:

    I started one of these this year.. I included financials, books, and ofcorse yarn projects and what not.. As well as a health tracker since I have been having so many issues with my health.. It is a really good resource and has kept me on tract to completing things I have wanted to do for a long time but just kept putting off..
    Good luck…

  2. Deidra says:

    This is great! Sadly my immediate plans are survival.
    I like how you have this broken down into short and long range goals.

  3. It’s never too late to do anything you want to do! I agree that a plan is important. You can resolve to do something but a plan is what helps put things into action.

  4. Debbie says:

    I liked this: “plan your work and work your plan” both are so important. I love planning and this year I am focusing more on execution and keeping track of my goals. I love how you break down your goals, something to try on my goals. Thanks for this wonderful post.

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