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Meme Collection 3/25/2018

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Here’s some of my favorite memes that I have seen recently.


I love Joe Biden memes…now add some Bernie Sanders and meme reaches diamond status

Biden vs.Trump Bernie with a chair meme





Just in time for Spring

Godzilla eating marshmallow bunnies



The realization that you’re an adult now.


you're 24 you don't get an Easter basket anymore



When you’re going to do a keto diet…

Cauliflower is a substitute for everything

This is a little old, but still funny


Imperialism meme for my AP World Class


Great Britain meme changing flag


Life as a parent

Mary Poppins voice verses Batman voice meme



3 thoughts on “Meme Collection 3/25/2018”

  1. Deidra says:

    Parent memes crack me up and are so true lol.

  2. ThisIsJthomp says:

    The Easter basket meme reminded me of you and the year that you got your Easter bunny from your mom in a grocery bag and you were angry, lol.

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