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Quote Reflection: Simple Pleasures: Oscar Wilde

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Simple pleasures are the only refuge in a complex world.  Oscar Wilde


Simple Pleasures are the last refuge in a complex world. Oscar Wilde


Simple pleasure are “experiences that are brief, positive, emerge in everyday settings, and are accessible to most people at little or no cost. They are highly personal, meaning what is a simple pleasure for you may not be a simple pleasure for others.  simple pleasures bring you joy and happiness, unlike temptations which bring torment and inner conflict.”

Definition taken from this article: There’s Nothing Simple About Simple Pleasures: Psychology Today

I recommend reading this article because it explains the benefits of simple pleasures.  


Points of Reflection for this quote

  • What are some simple pleasures you like to partake in?
  • When can you schedule simple pleasures into your day or week.  (Even if it is only 5 minutes)
  • What times of the day or week do you feel particularly stressed?
  • Make a plan to schedule 5 or 10 minutes before or after your high stress time to engage in a pleasurable activity.  This will help you gear up for stressful time or de-stress after the fact.


Here are links to the reflection questions for your use as a printable or digital copy for you to input your responses.

Google Doc Simple Pleasures Quote Reflection

Word Document Simple Pleasures Quote Reflection

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