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How To Spring Clean: 24 Tips, Hacks, Reminders, and Plans

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How To Spring Clean: 24 Tips, Hacks, Reminders, and Plans

Spring has Sprung and it’s time Spring Clean. Who’s ready??!!! If you are not ready; don’t worry. We’ve got 24 go-to articles on the best spring cleaning checklists and plans, as well as, spring cleaning tips, hacks, and reminders to make your cleaning season a success.


Spring Cleaning Checklists / Where to Start

Chelsea at The Crazy Sahm has given us 10 spring cleaning tasks to start with. If you are new to concept of spring cleaning, don’t know where to start or want to start small, check out her article with easy actionable spring cleaning tasks that you can start with today.

Don’t know where to start? Paula from I’m Busy Being Awesome gives us a fabulous guide that breaks the home into sections and gives you a spring cleaning checklist for each section. If spring cleaning seems daunting to you. Check out this guide.

This is a great spring cleaning checklist and calendar from Kami at The Momma Diaries. It’s hard to think of and remember all the different things that need to be spring cleaned. This handy printable checklist will help ensure you don’t leave anything out.

In addition to giving us a checklist, Misty at Simple Organized Lifestyle gives us some fantastic ideas for saving time while tackling the list of spring cleaning tasks. She even gives us some pre-spring cleaning tips so that we can be ready to clean.

I always like cleaning tips from people who aren’t in that “love to clean” category. If the idea of spring cleaning doesn’t really appeal to you, Check out Stacey from Families with Grace article House Cleaning Tips from a Slob. These are awesome real-life tips to help you get into your cleaning groove.

How to Spring Clean

Spring Cleaning Decluttering and Organization

Does it seem to you that decluttering often creates a bigger mess than you started with? Check out Megan’s (Practically Perfect Meg) article on how to not make a mess while decluttering. She’s also has more links in her article for other wonderful cleaning hacks.

Jenaya from That Lady Living offers us a step by step guide to organizing your closet. Sometimes that seems like an insurmountable task, Jenaya shows us where to start.

Chhavi from Mrs Daaku Studio offers us this advice: Go room by room and declutter along with it. Make a plan of what you want to clean in a room and stick to it. For example, day 1 is to declutter the wardrobe, day 2 is to clean the fittings etc. Keep one week for each room in the house so you are not overwhelmed at any moment. This has helped me stick to the schedule and finish cleaning in about a month and a half. It really works, try it!

If you are new to decluttering Shawna from Stress Less, Be Healthy offers a wonderful beginners’ guide to decluttering. It’s a must read before you begin.

Incorporate the concept of giving into your spring cleaning routine with Jennifer’s (Why Give Online) tips for areas to start cleaning now and how to give to others at the same time.

Spring cleaning often involves getting rid of things that have been cluttering up our home. Sarah from I Heart Frugal gives us a plan for organizing those items and turning them into money while you clean your home.

laundry on clothesline

If you are drowning in laundry: Check out how my guide to going from a clothes hoarder to having a minimalist wardrobe/ capsule wardrobe.

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Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget

Rachel from Creators of Coffee offers us this great advice to keep your coffee tasting great: A clean coffee machine is essential for great tasting coffee. For espresso machine owners, remove and clean the shower screen. A back-flush chemical cleaner is also a good idea to clean the group head. If you own a coffee grinder, open and wipe clean the burr grinder. For coffee makers, run a mix of water and vinegar through the machine to remove unsightly stains. Finally, give all of your coffee accessories a thorough clean in hot soapy water and rinse well.

Amy at Daily Successful Living offers us this advice: Spring cleaning needs to be a family event. I’ve tried doing it on my own but I never sticks. It wasn’t until I got my kids and husband on board that things fell into place. I give everyone a big plastic bin and detailed instructions about what needs to be decluttered in their rooms and throughout the house. Getting junk out of the house has made a huge difference in keeping my whole house clean.

Debbie from The Flooring Girl tell us: Most people don’t realize that they need to seal the grout between their tiles…and that they need to do it annually. Grout is basically sand, so if you don’t do this annually, the grout absorbs all dirt, bacteria and liquids turning them darker. Thankfully, sealing your grout is an easy DIY project and spring is a great time to do it.

dust mop on wood floor

Spring Cleaning Hacks and Tips

Delia from Kids Chaos and Confusion shares with us her best spring cleaning hack plus her best spring cleaning tips! An important reminder to not forget the outside of our home during the cleaning process.

Kelsey from A Cup of Tea with Kelsey share tips for practical ideas and home decor choices that will help make cleaning your home easy from the start.

Lauren from Love Remodeled gives us some suggestions for great cleaning tools to use in your home. If you are looking to up your cleaning game, check this out.

Want to make sure that your cleaning adventure is not harming the environment and increasing waste. Kristen from Earth Friendly Tips, gives us some easy actionable steps to take so you can go green while cleaning.

Dana from Natural Earthy Mama offers us advice on how to clean a house with a newborn – some tips and tricks from a mama that has been there and done that a few times!

I am really into homemade cleaners right now. Lydia from Thrifty Frugal Mom gives us an easy recipe for a homemade bathroom cleaner that I can’t wait to try!


Spring Cleaning: Food, Body and Mind

Spring cleaning involves cleaning out pantries and freezers. Checkout Penny’s (Skill Trek: Field Guide for Life) tips on food safety when cleaning out the kitchen.

Don’t let cleaning out the pantry be a daunting task. Sarah from Our Daily Craft gives us an awesome step-by-step guide for spring cleaning the pantry.

Expiration date on peanut butter jar

While you are cleaning our the pantry, have you thought about spring cleaning your diet? Rachel from Radical Strength offers us some interesting tips for spring cleaning your diet.

Nadalie from It’s All You Boo, reminds us to not just spring clean our home, but spring clean our life. At the end of the post also check out her link to 12 ways to Spring Clean your mind.

What is your best spring cleaning hack or tip?  Do you have a killer cleaning plan of action that makes your spring cleaning a success?  Do you have a go-to cleaning checklist?  Drop a comment and let us know!


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While your spring cleaning: Don’t forget it’s not too late to fulfill your new year’s resolutions.

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