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Winter Break Activity Packet

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Winter Break Activity Packet

I’m Bored!  I don’t have anything to do!  

Have you heard these statements from your children when they are a break from school?

Winter Break Activity Packet for Elementary age kids #winterbreak #kidsactivities

When my kids have an extended break from school, they use that time to play outside with friends and during Winter Break that play with their new things from Christmas.  

But, there does come a time when they don’t want to go outside or the weather isn’t cooperative.  They don’t want to play with the stuff they have and I hear the inevitable, “I’m bored” or “I don’t know what to do.”   

When this happened during summer vacation, I began creating activity packets for my kids to work on.  This was an excellent way to give my kids some structured activities when they didn’t want to play outside or do free play inside.  It also helped reduce their screen time and tapped into their creativity.

Presenting the Winter Break Activity Packet

Today, I present to you, my Winter Break Activity Packet.  It is designed for elementary aged kids and can be completed individually or as a parent-child time activity.  You know your child best and can decide if they will need assistance completing these activities. This pdf contains activities that can be done during winter break or anytime during the winter months.   

activity packet work time

This packet contains a winter break wordsearch, word scramble, and crossword puzzle as well as a comic strip activity, Santa postcard activity, and much more.

Get the Winter Break Activity Packet for Free

You can get this activity packet pdf for free for joining the ThisIsJthomp mailing list.  Joining the mailing list will also ensure that you are notified when the Spring Break and Summer Vacation Packets are available.  Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email with a link to the winter break activity packet pdf.

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